Guide To Prices
Market Data Download

The data availability is denoted in the bracket, where D is the trading day followed by the number of business days. Data can be downloaded in CSV format for periods covering up to 31 days per file. All market data download are available for download for a five-year rolling period. 


For information on registered facilities, the MaxGen for Battery of less than 10MW in the standing data does not reflect the battery’s actual maximum capacity. The formula to derive the battery’s actual maximum capacity is (MaxGen – 0.1MW)/2. The current MaxGen variable is an interim modelling technique to allow batteries to participate in the wholesale electricity market.


For enquiries on the market data download, please email to Market Operations team.

The following pricing data (final) are available for download.
  • Uniform Singapore Energy Price (USEP) and Demand Forecast (D + 6)
  • Nodal Energy Prices (D + 6)
  • Reserve Prices (D + 6)
  • Regulation Prices (D + 6)
  • Wholesale Electricity Prices (D + 10)
  • Vesting Contract Reference Prices (D + 10)
  • Metered Generation by Facility Type (D + 10)
  • Capacity for Registered Facilities (D)
  • Monthly Energy Uplift Charge (MEUC) Monthly Statements (1st Business Day following end of month)